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S1 to S3 : Course Outline
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German - English dictionary

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Scholar Heriot-Watt Univeristy

German Insitute in Glasgow


Practice German

Practice German
Deutsche Welle (DW)

Practice German

Learn German
with Radio

Learn German
with TV

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Modern Languages in Scottish Universities

Information about studying and working abroad from SCILT Scotland's National
Centre for Languages

Information about studying and working abroad from Prospects

German S1 to S3 Course Outline (detail)
Course Information S1 to S3

Greetings, Numbers Pets, Qualities, Family, Colours, Months

Sports, Hobbies, Free time School subjects, Opinions, Time

In town, Souvenirs, Opinions, Time Talking about holidays, weather

Cinema,Films, TV, Books Food, Ordering meals, Healthy lifestyles

Role Models Clothes, Styles

Daily routine, Places in a city, Asking for directions
S4 to S6: National 3, National 4 & National 5
Course Information National 3 Course Information National 4

Course Information National 5 National 4 in a Nutshell

National 5 in a Nutshell National 5 in a Nutshell course

German Revision Techniques Instructions for Candidates
S4 to S6: Higher & Advanced Higher
Course Information Higher Higher German Revision in a Nutshell

Higher MfL in a Nutshell  

Course Information Advanced Higher NQ Introducing Advanced Higher Leaflet

Advanced Higher Modern Languages Information Sheet