Parent Council Members

Mrs Ann MacDonald

Vice Chair
Mrs Joanna Peteranna

Helen Bagley

Mrs Joanne Ferguson
Council Members
Mrs Morag Henderson
Mrs Liz MacDonald
Ms Marion Rafique
Mrs Gail Roberston
Mrs Shona MacInnes
Mrs Michelle Shepherd

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Useful Website links for Parents

Image of National Parent Forum of Scotland website.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) supports parents to get involved in their child’s education by: 

  • running focus groups and online surveys for parents to have their say
  • holding national and local events such as conferences and information days
  • keeping parents up to date with the latest educational developments through their website, e-newsletter and social media channels
  • supporting local parent councils by providing advice, information and practical help
  • providing parent friendly information through the ‘…in a Nutshell’ series. The full range of nutshells can be viewed on our publications guide.
Image of the Gaelic Medium Education in the Western Isles logo.

Gaelic Medium Education in the Western Isles

What are the advantages of being bilingual?
Research shows that children who understand more than one language are able to think more flexibly and creatively. There are definite economic advantages later on when your child is looking for a job, as more employers today ask for bilingual skills than ever before.

It can help to build a bridge between generations, if grandparents, family or community members speak Gàidhlig. A bilingual person can communicate with a wider variety of people than a person who can speak only one language.

It provides the opportunity to experience two different cultures. In Gaelic-speaking areas, it gives people the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of community life. Some research has even indicated that being bilingual may help to keep the brain sharper for longer.

Safe Summer in Scotland

Safe Summer In Scotland
Click on the sun icon on the left to go to NHS Scotland informion to help people to get the most out of the summer without taking risks.

Logo for Young Scot.

Western Isles Youth Services - Young Scott
The Young Scott, Western Isles Youth Services website provides infomation and links to other youth associated organisations in the area.

Sports Concussion Awareness leaflet link

Sport Concussion Awareness
Information about raising awareness of concussion amongst children and young people taking part in sport and physical activity and, specifically, how to identify the signs of concussion and what to do about it. Click on the leaflet on the right for further information.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre website

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Take an interest in what your child is accessing online. CEOP offers advice to parents and young people on safe and responsible use of social media.

Scholar website

SCHOLAR – Online Learning Materials
For SCHOLAR information for parents click here. To visit the website please click the SCHOLAR link on the right. For access as a parent, please contact Brenda Laidlaw at who will provide you with a parent password.

The SCHOLAR materials are more appropriate for pupils studying courses at Intermediate 2, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher who are normally in years 4, 5 and 6. It may be helpful for the parents of younger pupils to familiarise themselves with this useful resource as their child prepares for the senior phase.

All pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 who study Scholar subjects have been allocated a password to enable them to make use of SCHOLAR.

My World of Work

My World of Work
Scotland's careers information and advice web service, which helps you explore your work, skills and learning opportunities from school right through to retirement. Get the help you need for the career you want. My World of Work helps you with up-to-date information, advice and tools when you need it most:

Subject choices – understand your strengths and make better choices about your subject choices and future career

Leaving school – find a career that interests you and understand the skills you need to get the job you want

Exam results – straight into a job or onto further learning? Whatever your grades find help in planning your next steps

Preparing for a job – discover Scotland’s industries, search for jobs, build your CV and practice for interviews

Modern Apprenticeships – why not earn as you learn? Find out what apprenticeships are available in Scotland and how they work. Get the help you need for the career you want. My World of Work is delivered by Skills Development Scotland, the national skills body which supports the people and businesses of Scotland.