All pupils in S1 are allocated a Guidance teacher that will remain with them for the duration of their time at Sgoil Lionacleit. If they have older siblings at the school then they will have the same teacher.

This provides a vital link between home and school as the Guidance teacher has a holistic view of each pupil’s progress and general health and wellbeing. In most cases, a parent’s/guardian’s first point of contact with the school will be with a member of the Guidance team.

During each academic session, Guidance staff teach one period per week of PSE to each year group, giving weekly contact with each pupil in their care.

The Guidance team is involved also involved in the following key aspects:

  • Providing curricular support as well as monitoring the progress of pupils on a termly basis. Any referrals of concern are dealt with immediately and pupils are interviewed.
  • Available on a day to day basis for advice on personal, social or educational issues that pupils may have.
  • Monitoring of attendance and general timekeeping of pupils.
  • Preparation of progress reports and reports for external agencies where required.
  • Working in partnership with the Support for Learning department & outside agencies.
  • UCAS applications.
Aims and Objectives of Guidance Department Aims:
  • To ensure that a personal relationship is established between each pupil and their guidance teacher, who will have detailed knowledge of them.
  • To identify the needs of pupils and provide appropriate support and counselling where necessary.
  • To systematise and make effective the recording and communication of information relevant to each pupil.
  • To meet regularly with pupils in order to monitor progress, identify needs and, where necessary, assist staff in supporting pupils.
  • To be available to provide support and counselling for pupils in times of crisis.
  • To provide information for parents about the social, curricular and personal development of their child and to foster a spirit of open communication in home/school liaison.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to take an active part in the wider life of the school.
  • To provide pupils with information and support to assist them in making informed choices.
  • To provide support at times of transition by ensuring pupils are fully prepared and aware of procedures.
Careers Education
It is hoped that by offering a comprehensive careers programme and embedding it within P.S.E, pupils will gain the skills, experience and knowledge to make informed choices about employment, training and education, and be aware of the full range of opportunities available to them.

Input is coordinated with support, both in class and individual, from local SDS officer.


Cool2talk is a safe space for young people to talk to some one about anything they are worried or upset about. Maybe you have some questions, or you just want to talk about how you feel. Cool2talk are always here to listen, they will always respond within 24 hours. They also have an online counsellor, she will be available at extra times this week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening between 7pm and 9pm.

For more information, go to 1.2.1 Online Chat section on the cool to talk website.

You can also find out more about dealing with worries on the Childline website.