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Music Revision & Assessment Preparation

The two main areas of your Music course which will require revision and preparation work at home are Understanding Music and Performing skills. Here are some tips for revision and prep in both of these areas. We have also included some useful revision resources and links to websites which should help you. If you find that you still don’t understand anything, ask your teachers!!

Website Links
Education Scotland - Music

Music - BBC Bitsize

Understanding Music

It is very important that you revise concepts regularly and thoroughly.
Revise the concepts which apply up to and including your level of study. For example, if you are studying for National 5 Music, don’t forget to also revise all N3 and N4 concepts as well.
When revising concepts, learn their definitions but more importantly what they sound like. You will be sitting a listening exam and will have to recognise concepts when you hear them. Use the recommended websites to do this or find your own examples on sites like You Tube, Vimeo etc.
Try and identify concepts when listening to your own favourite music.
Regularly revise your literacy concepts using your literacy booklets and by looking over test questions that you have completed in class.

Performing Skills

  • It is very important that you practise your instrumental/vocal pieces regularly and thoroughly.
  • Make instrumental practise a regular feature in your homework.
  • Set out targets to aim for and organise your practise routine around them.
  • Attention to detail is very important. Spend time on parts of the music that you may be finding more difficult rather than playing the piece from beginning to end all of the time.
  • Play for other people and get used to performing in front of others.
National 4 and National 5 Documents
Nat3 - National 4 concepts and definitions National 4 and 5 Concept Booklet

National 4 and 5 Concept Booklet Nat3 - National 5 concepts and definitions

National 5 Literacy National 5 Revision Booklet
Higher and Advanced Higher Documents
Higher Literacy Higher Revision Booklet

Nat3 - Advanced Higher concepts and definitions Advanced Higher Revision
Higher Concept Mindmaps

N3 - Higher Concepts Mindmaps