At Sgoil Lionacleit, we value input from all stakeholders – pupils, parents/guardians, staff and other partners in our community. With this in mind, we are launching an engagement and feedback event called: ‘THE BIG CONVERSATION’.

The basis of this conversation is a large questionnaire, looking at many aspects of the school and of the work we do. The questionnaire will differ slightly for each target group, and will have specific questions for each group. The target groups will be: pupils, parents/guardians, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and school partners e.g. Community Learning and Development.

We are gathering this information, from our entire school community, to allow us to identify our strengths and our areas for development. It is important that schools gather an external view as our perspective is sometimes limited. We cannot always see the impact of something that we do really well, and we do not always spot our own ‘gaps’.

Your feedback will be really valuable to us and will allow our school to plan effectively for the future. We can build on the strengths that are reflected back at us, and we can develop plans to address any areas for development that are identified in the questionnaires. As part of our open and honest communication, we will publish the results of the questionnaires (overall numbers only in the interests of confidentiality) to allow us to track progress over time and to measure improvement in how we do things.

We are currently in the ‘information sharing phase’ of ‘THE BIG CONVERSATION’. This is when we share the plan across several media platforms and school based systems i.e. GroupCall. This phase will run until 28/1/19, when we will enter the ‘launch phase’. During the launch phase, the link for the questionnaires will be distributed via Facebook, the school website and GroupCall. Paper copies will also be available from the school office. The ‘launch phase’ will end on 7/2/19. This will allow us to collate the information and to identify common threads. This will lead up to the ‘feedback phase’, on the week beginning 25/2/19. Within the questionnaire, there is an opportunity to indicate your preferred method of feedback. We will use your responses to plan how we share the information with you.

‘THE BIG CONVERSATION’ is an exciting opportunity for us as a school to build on the solid foundations we have, and to move ever closer to being the very best school we can be.

Yours in Partnership
Gordon Young
Head Teacher
Sgoil Lionacleit

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