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Broad General Education Curriculum

S1 and S2 classes in the English Department are mixed ability. In S3 a review is undertaken and if thought necessary some setting will be put in place.
Throughout S1 and S2 pupils will begin to develop the skills assessed in SQA examinations. The curriculum follows the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes. Assessments for achievement of a level is made holistically from a portfolio of work produced throughout the course of the year.
During S1 and S2 pupils will work, and be assessed, on the 4 strands of the CfE – Reading: Writing; Talking and Listening.

Pupils will study a wide range of texts over the course of the two years. These will typically include Novels and Short Stories; Non Fiction including newspaper articles and longer texts, Poetry and Playscripts. These will be drawn from contemporary, Post and Pre 19th Century sources. Pupils will have 1 period a week for private reading.
Pupils will develop through these texts key skills such as research, summarising, inference, analysis and evaluating. They will learn how to annotate a text; write a critical response and how to answer textual analysis questions.

Pupils will engage a wide variety of writing tasks. Over the course of the two years they will produce both creative and transactional (non-fiction) pieces of work. They will develop an understanding of how writers use techniques to create meaning and use this knowledge in their own writing. Spelling, grammar and punctuation is secured.

Pupils will engage in various talking activities. They will have opportunities to work in groups; undertake solo and group presentations. They will gain knowledge and understanding of how to use language to suit purpose and audience. Listening: Pupils will develop their listening skills through group work and hearing different audio texts for a variety of purposes and audiences.

In S3 pupils will continue to consolidate and secure these skills as well as beginning exam preparation.
This will include work on sample exam papers and the Added Value Unit for National 4 level.