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Marsaili brings home the Medals!

Pupil Interview with Marsaili MacAulay

Image of Marsaili MacAulay & Olivia Patterson.

Marsaili MacAulay S1 recently participated in the West of Scotland Regional Swimming Championships, winning two golds and two silvers, with such an impressive achievement, her talent must be shared with others.

Marsaili is a Swim Western Isles team member. She was handed the opportunity to attend her first major competition, and it seems that even though this may be her first, her name will be known, and this won’t be the last time that Marsaili experiences the satisfaction of clutching a shiny gold medal.

I was generously given the opportunity to interview Marsaili, and I’d love to share my new knowledge about this young, successful athlete.

Even with Marsaili’s talent she does not plan on making swimming a full-fledged career; instead she’d rather keep it as an enjoyable hobby.

Marsaili’s instructors and coaches, David Hanlon and Sarah Macleod, I’m sure are very proud of Marsaili’s achievement. Marsaili is also proud of herself, as one would be after achieving such inspirational goals.

Marsaili typically prefers freestyle swimming and front crawl, which she has also excelled at as she received a gold in freestyle swimming, but all swimmers have a less tolerated style of gliding through the long blue pools, and Marsaili informed me that she isn’t very fond of the butterfly-stroke. It has proved difficult, but achievable for Marsaili, as shown in the competition where she was rewarded with a silver in butterfly.

Marsaili and many more, believe that the average person should be equipped with the knowledge of swimming, as it is a life skill, that can be useful in multiple situations.

In the five months of Marsaili’s competitive swimming, she has received, 4 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. Just by looking at these results you can tell she is extremely talented in the art of swimming.

Marsaili began swimming due to a disability caused by a brain tumour, which affected the right side of her body, meaning she couldn’t do as much as she had been able to do before, so she “restarted” swimming as at the time it was easier than walking.

I personally find Marsaili MacAulay’s story inspirational and meaningful. She is truly incredible.

Article written by Olivia Paterson, S1